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The Building
Capital Improvements
Facts & Features
Tenant Roster
Year Built/Renovated:

Floor Load Capacity:

50 lbs/sf – live load

Typical Slab Heights:

13 feet 4 inches
Column Spacing:

Column-free spans of up to 55 feet in the Tower
Windows: The Tower windows are tinted glass, double glazed in rubber gaskets. The north façade vision panels are butt glazed plate glass. All windows on the north façade of the building are floor-to-ceiling glass.

Elevators: Passenger:
Five (5) high rise cars / Six (6) low rise cars; Two elevator banks
Elevator capacity is 3,000 lbs

Executive Elevators:
Two (2) private cars

One (1) car
Elevator capacity is 4,000 lbs / Drive-In Loading Dock

Life Safety/Generator: Class E fire alarm system is installed per local code. Four (4) fire pumps support the property. Standpipe hose outlets are located in the exit stair landing. The emergency generator system operates all exit signs, egress lighting, one elevator in each bank, the Class E system and fire pumps, as well as the telephone switch, and security console.

HVAC: Each floor in the Tower has a 40 ton air handling unit which supplies the interior zone with heating, cooling, and fresh air. The air handling units have variable frequency drives with a BMS overlay. The chilled water plant was upgraded in 2006 with two (2) new Carrier Model XLE 800 ton chillers. A 700 ton chiller is retained as a back-up. The building uses Con Edison steam for heating. The high pressure steam is stepped down and distributed to the air handling units and heat exchangers to produce hot water. The northwest glazed façade utilizes electric baseboard heat.
Supplemental HVAC: There are tenant condenser water risers capable of supplying 300 tons of supplemental cooling to the Tower floors. The installation of an additional 750 ton cooling tower enables tenants to have 24/7 supplemental cooling.

Electricity: Each floor is designed for a total of six (6) watts/RSF. The building is supplied by Con Edison with three switches that supply 277/480-volt, 3-phase, 4-wire power. The service enters on 39th Street.

Standby Emergency Generator: Two (2) 1,500 kw diesel fuel generators were installed in 2011 and one (1) 2,000 kw diesel fuel generator installed in 1996. The three (3) generators are supported by a 10,000 gallon diesel fuel storage tank. There is 1,000 kw of emergency power available for future tenant use. An additional 1,750 kw diesel fuel generator is available to tower tenants. 

Telecommunications: Providers serving the building are Verizon, AT&T, AboveNet, RCN, and Time Warner Cable.

Energy Efficiency: Participant in Energy Star Program; Energy Management Plan and Chiller Optimization Program currently in place. Building maximizes energy efficiency through a 2012 installed BMS.

Building Security: Security is provided for lobby and common areas 24 hours, 7 days a week. Entry to the building is secured access via building identification and turnstile controls as well as electronic surveillance.
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